What we do

We are a media and digital consultancy agency specialising in science communication and digital innovation. Our customers are technology startups, established companies that want to reinvent their business in the age of digital, as well as research labs and organisations that push the boundaries of science and knowledge.

We provide the following services:

  • Content Marketing:Content is at the heart of any digital strategy, whether it is social media, marketing automation or SEO. We deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy, both inbound and outbound, firmly based on effective, data-driven processes for content marketing. And we help you tell your story by producing compelling content. Read more.
  • Digital Presence: Your customers and stakeholders are constantly engaging with digital content. Your success depends on effectively integrating your website and other digital assets together to tell your story. “The medium is the message”, as Marshall McLuhan said; and we support you in building and promoting your brand in the digital era, by continuously innovating around improving man-machine communications through cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence, and behavioural psychology. Read more.
  •  Digital Transformation: marketing and communications are one of the essential elements in any business transformation. We can support your transformation project by taking care of change communications, and by rethinking and redesigning your digital presence as part of an overall digital transformation effort. Read here for more about how we approach digital transformation projects.
  • Science Communication: Engaging with the general media, policy-makers or a general audience of stakeholders, about your services and products, means you must find the right channels and the right language to communicate. We help you develop and deliver creative ideas in order to engage with non-expert audiences across every communication vehicle, online and offline. Read more.