Our Services

Four businesspeople in a boardroom smilingWe provide a full digital content marketing agency service specialising for innovative companies and organisations. Our methodology follows best practices in marketing, strategic communications and digital transformation, with sound project management in order to ensure best value to our customers and expedient delivery of service.

Our projects follow a methodology that is customised to the actual needs of our customers, and may include any of the following:

Communications Audit: Most of our projects begin with mapping existing systems, processes, channels, tools and effectiveness of communications and marketing, and produce a gap analysis with respect to your goals, objectives, strategy and vision.

Market Research and Strategy: We help you collect, collate, analyse and understand data and trends around your market; and use the data to develop an optimised digital marketing strategy built around your available resources and business goals, and set against specific, measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Positioning and Messaging: We work with you to distill your value proposition into a list of core messages that will differentiate you from the competition, and be used across your communications, and we frame these messages in order to engage effectively with every class of your stakeholders and audiences.

Digital Branding: We develop your digital presence and brand using tools that communicate your value proposition and news to key influencers in your market space; and engage with them so that your brand benefits from digital word-of-mouth.

Marketing Plan: We put everything in place and deliver a comprehensive action plan that executes your content marketing strategy, measures your KPIs and delivers the best return on investment (ROI).

Content Production: Our team of writers, scriptwriters, graphic designers, video artists and animators working together with our expert science communicators can deliver top quality multimedia content that will drive your content marketing plan, your SEO and your growth. Additionally, we train your team to become content producers too, significantly lowering your content marketing operating costs.

Social media and digital channels activation: Effective digital marketing requires matching the right content with right channels and the right audiences. We are experts in activating the digital channels that will best serve your business goals, including social media, email, mobile and web.

Growth hacking: We apply best practices in working within every stage of the marketing and sales funnel, and help you A/B test, measure, and optimise your content in order to increase conversions.

Offline events: We support your offline presence and your engagement with potential customers, policy-makers, media and the general public, and help you ensure a seamless synergy between offline and online marketing and communications.

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