Creating content for SEO

Feline Quanta design, develop and produce exciting and engaging content that supports a digital content strategy. We help our clients publish this content across all their digital channels, including social and email.

Moreover, we work with  our client’s marketing and communication teams so that they begin to operate as publishers of content. And we provide tested methodologies, tools and support to produce and publish great content across all media – and thus help drive SEO and search ranking.

Content drives SEO through word of mouth.

Content drives SEO through word of mouth.


Here are some examples of content, that can be shared across all channels and drive an organisations digital content campaign.

Articles. We develop, write and produce articles that explain their science and technology to a wide audience.

Interviews. We conduct and produce interviews with top management and key researchers, in print and in video.

Webinars. We organise, produce and facilitate webinars.

E-books. We produce e-books that explain an organisations’ science and technology.

E-debates. Producing and facilitating debates on the web.

We can help integrate ideas such as the above into interactive  newsletters and digital magazines that can be distributed on mobile devices (iPad, etc.), and connect with potential customers and other stakeholders.

We have working collaborations with animators, infographics producers and web designers, and we can cover all of our clients’ needs across all digital content types.

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