Our Story

Our storyWe are a team of experienced scientists, engineers, marketers, science communicators and digital experts, with a passion for science and technology. Our vision is to empower our customers to succeed in the digital era.

We have several decades of accumulated experience in communications, marketing innovative ideas, engaging effectively through best practices in strategic communications and digital marketing, building great digital products, and driving growth for our customers.

Some of our projects:

Design and built of an e-learning digital platform for arts and music: we designed, and built an MVP using Agile that created a marketplace for freelance musicians and artists who offered private online lessons in music and art, either in the real world (via search on post code proximity) or via video conference.

Designing an Artificial Intelligence Sales Representative for an online business.

Digital marketing and communications strategy, for Helplines Partnership: we helped the association of UK’s helplines rethink and redesign their communications and marketing digitally.

Digital marketing strategy and execution for Radiojar, an internet radio startup: after analysing the market and positioning the company’s products, we redesigned their web presence and executed a comprehensive digital marketing plan that quadrupled customers in three months and achieved 56% conversions from free trial to buying.

Advising on digital marketing communications  for Insybio, a innovative bioinformatics startup.

Business Case for Elixir, for the European Bioinformatics Institute: Elixir is the next generation of bioinformatics infrastructure for Europe; it was essential that the rationale and the vision was effectively communicated across a variety of audiences and stakeholders, including policy makers at national and European level, scientists, citizens and the media.

Content creation on energy education, for the European Commission: as part of a European consortium we developed video content that communicated efficient energy usage and alternative energy sources to more than 20 million young students across Europe.

Delivering content for space camp, for the European Space Agency: ESA tries to inspire not only the children of its employees but also the communities where it choses to organise its annual summer camps. We helped devise public events around the camp, for a general audience.

Support actions for Famelab International, a talent competition for young science communicators, for the British Council: Since 2007, Famelab International has created a global network of talented young scientists who enjoy communicating science to a general audience. We have supported the British Council is developing capacity as well as deliver the event in the UK and overseas.

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