Digital Presence

Digital PresenceYour customers are constantly engaging with digital content via a number of devices, mobile and desktop. Your marketing success depends on you effectively integrating your website and other digital assets in order to tell your story.

We can provide you with full support in:

Website and mobile redesign: rethink and redesign the way you communicate your brand and value offering on the web or mobile.

Artificial Intelligence applications: We are working with IBM Watson to develop applications that make full use of cognitive computing. Our vision is to completely rethink how customers engage with your web properties by transforming and personalise their experience.

Social media activation: as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy we help you assess and select the social channels that will bring you the highest Return-on-investment (ROI); and then help you develop a publication plan tailored to your needs, goals and available resources.

Newsletter and targeted email campaigns: design, or redesign, your newsletter and use it to power your acquisition funnel, as well as you reenforce your brand’s awareness. Using marketing automation and content marketing best practices we can help you organise and successfully deliver targeted email campaigns that will drive your growth.

Digital PR: Influencing the influencers is an essential aspect of your digital presence; we help you identify and engage effectively with those that matter to your most.

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