Helplines Partnership

#HelplinesAreHere: creating a slogan for helplines

Feline Quanta have been working with Helplines Partnership, the UK’s association of helplines, over several months. We have delivered communication processes and training, as well as support in executing an integrated digital marketing strategy. This year Helplines Partnership celebrates 25 years of continuous service to its members, to communities, and to UK society at large. It is an important milestone in the history of Helplines Partnership, and one that will culminate in the annual conference on November 7th.

We were asked by our client to design and deliver a communication plan supporting and leading to the event, which we did. One of the main goals of the communication plan was to highlight the role of helplines to a wider audience, including the general public, the media, and policy-makers. So we came up with the idea of the slogan “helplines are here”.

What the slogan represents

Helplines Partnership is a membership organisation whose members are helpline charities, or charities that have helplines. As the organisation takes stock of the journey travelled so far there is one thing that sticks out the most: no matter what happens in the life of each and everyone of us, regardless of government spending cuts and the shrinking of public services, there are a bunch of people who are always there to help: helplines, the members of Helplines Partnership. They, employees and volunteers, are the last resort – and sometimes the first and only resort – for people in need. Often these needs are simple: a piece of information or advice, some help to make better sense of something. But, equally often, needs are of a vital nature. Many of our members provide support to people faced with desperate situations: homelessness, addiction, suicide, loneliness, and illness. No matter who is on the other side, whatever the need, helplines are always there.

This is a powerful and emotional story to convey. To celebrate the essence of what helplines provide to society, as well as the spirit of those who work in helplines, Feline Quanta has suggested he slogan “helplines are here“, to be used for Helplines Partnership annual conference.


We believe that “helplines are here” represents who Helplines Partnership are as an association, as well as what their members stand for. Helplines Partnership has been around for a quarter of a century (read their history). Many changes have taken place in the world over the past 25 years. They have progressed with the times too. Take for instance technology, which has always been a fundamental aspect of helplines’ work. Helplines need telecommunication and information technologies in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Helplines Partnership wants to project the image of innovator and advocate for the early adoption of technology in their sector. Indeed, at the forthcoming annual conference several personalities from the UK charity sector have been invited, to present ideas about the digital transformation of helplines, and what the future will bring. But regardless of the future, or the past, there is one thing that always remains constant: human nature and human needs. The keywords “humanness” and “empathy” were central to devising the slogan. Feline Quanta wanted to connect helplines with what they actually do: talk to people when people need them.

Helplines are all about humans. Technology, however advanced and sophisticated, cannot substitute the human factor in an interaction with someone who is desperate and has no one else to turn to. People in need – as well as those who is not in need yet – must relate helplines with the message that “they are there” – always –  to help. This is the message our slogan aspires to communicate to society at large, to policy makers and the media, to anyone who cares about a caring society.

Slogan and digital campaign

Feline Quanta have suggested that the “helplines are here” slogan be used as the them of the arts competition, as well as a hashtag for a social media campaign. By giving a focus and a theme to the arts competition (part of the annual conference), Helplines Partnership will achieve a better response from artists who might be interested to engage and participate.


As a hashtag, #HelplinesAreHere can initiate a conversation and the sharing of stories about helplines, on Twitter and Facebook. Feline Quanta have proposed as part of the communication plan for the annual event, the facilitation of a wider conversation about helplines. We have advised Helpline Partnership to invite everyone to tell their stories, whether they have worked or volunteered for a helpline – or indeed if they were one of the millions of people helped by a helpline in their hour of need.